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The only one who can certify your eligibility for College Level athletic participation is the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse.

In order to be certified by the clearinghouse as required by Bylaw14.3, the student must follow the NCAA regulations that are updated regularly on the website or Eligibility is determined by analyzing the student's academic grades of the required 16 core courses, as well as their SAT scores. For pision I eligibility, there is a sliding scale between the Core GPA and SAT score. For pision II eligibility, there is no sliding scale, and the Core GPA is based on 14 core courses until 2013, when it will be changed to 16 core courses. The minimum Core GPA average for pision II eligibility is 2.00, the minimum SAT score is 820 (verbal and math sections only) and the minimum ACT sum score is 68.

Student-athletes are advised to register online for eligibility to play college level sports at the NCAA Clearinghouse during the spring semester of their Junior year. Students should meet with their counselor to make sure they are taking the necessary core courses required by the NCAA, and for any other questions regarding their eligibility or the registration process.

For more information regarding rules, eligibility or the enrollment process visit the NCAA website or call the NCAA Eligibility Center toll free at 877-262-1492. If necessary the Hicksville High School code number is 332365.

If you plan on participating on an athletic team in college it would be beneficial for you to check out the websites listed below. These websites provide information on the difference between pision I, II and III schools, eligibility requirements, SAT and ACT scores, clearinghouse requirements, athletic offerings at different colleges and a host of other topics. The will also link you directly to the school your are interested in. The first web address will provide you with a free Webinar on the College Recruiting process.

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