NYSED Data Report

New York State Report Cards

The New York State School Report Card provides important information regarding academic performance of all students in raising learning standards. Information from the School Report Cards is used to plan instructional supports for students and ensure that students are gaining the knowledge required to meet the rigor of the Common Core State Standards and graduation requirements.

The School Report Card includes the state and federal accountability status required under the No Child Left Behind legislation for student performance for the district and each school within the district. 

The New York State Education Department released the Accountability and Overview Reports (AOR) and Comprehensive Information Reports (CIR) for the district and for each school. These reports comprise the annual School Report Card. The AORs and CIRs for each school and the district can be accessed from the link below.

These reports show that the district and each school in the district have made Adequate Year Progress (AYP), and are “In Good Standing” for the current school year.

NYS Education Report Card