About Dutch Lane

A Message from the Principalapple


Welcome to the Dutch Lane Elementary School's website!

The staff of the Dutch Lane School has created a warm and welcoming learning environment for all who attend our school. Our students, staff and families all believe in our mission statement. We all "strive to reach our personal best, as we gain knowledge, learn to respect ourselves and others and continue to be responsible members of our community, now and always".

We are very proud of our school, both in appearance and in all that goes on here. Our students, at the Dutch Lane School, participate in many programs aligned to the New York State Learning Standards. One program, "The Great Body Shop", enhances our health curriculum. "Project Wisdom", another program, provides character education for our students as "Words of Wisdom" are delivered each morning during announcements, read by members of our staff. Thanks to the generosity of our PTA, we participate in a "Book of the Month" program implemented, building-wide, by our faculty. Every classroom receives a copy of the book of the month. The story is read and students respond, in writing or illustrations, to the literature. A "Book of the Month" bulletin board reflects the theme of the book and serves as a display for student response.

Our staff presents a challenging and rigorous curriculum, aligned to the New York State Standards, to our students. With their instruction and support, our students continue to achieve on the numerous state assessments given yearly to students in grades three through five.

You, as parents, play a major role in reinforcing the concepts and skills taught in school. Please provide a quiet work and study place for your child. Make certain that their homework assignments are completed and teach your child to budget their time appropriately when working on long-term projects and reports. Your children should arrive at school, punctually, having had a nutritious breakfast and feeling well rested. Attend Parent-Teacher conferences and communicate often with your child's teacher. Finally, it is important for you to read to and with your child every day.

Working together, students, staff and families, we feel confident that our students will continue to meet with academic success.

The Dutch Lane School is very fortunate to have an active and involved PTA whose goal is to support the academic learning environment of our school and to enhance our students' learning experience with high quality cultural arts programs and family-oriented activities. You will continue to receive information throughout the school year regarding these programs and events. We invite you to become involved in this worthy organization and look forward to seeing you at the monthly meetings, listed on the school calendar and held at the Dutch Lane School at 7:30 p.m. in our All Purpose Room.

Thank you for your continued support.

Susan Strauss